Friday, March 13, 2009

Picky Picky

Here's today's lesson in Real Estate 101--Inspectors don't think they've done their job unless they can find something to complain about.

Thanks, Homeowners Association, for the nit-picking.

Just sayin'.


ceemac said...


A bit off topic.

As a Dallas resident I have been facinated by that new Texas sport of complaining about HOAs. Yet most folks in Texas appear to choose to live in places with an HOA. But the complainers don't appear to get involved with the HOA.

I don't live in a neighborhood with an HOA and wouldn't. But my neighborhood does have a great neighborhood association that is open to homeowners and renters alike.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Out here in the wild Alfalfa Sprouted West the inspectors (unless you're smart and get an independent one) usually are recommended by the realtor. You can imagine the things they miss! Like foundations not being retrofitted and chimneys not built to code.

Quotidian Grace said...

Since the City of Houston has no zoning (yes, really, no zoning!), the HOA's take over the function usually given to a zoning board. That's why people choose to live in an area covered by an HOA. It's a two-edged sword.

Now zoning boards can be a real pain in the neck, too. Not to mention subject to graft and corruption.

Such is life!

Althea N. Agape said...

I think of the tale of the Persian rug weavers who always deliberately place a flaw in their rugs so as not to succumb to pride thinking of their perfection and thus offend Allah.

I think our houses need one or two "persian flaws" that we know we can fix so everybody feels good about the inspection!

Bad Alice said...

I wish our home inspector had been a little more picky. Maybe he would have picked up that the septic tank was not where the survey said it was, had a tree planted on it, and hand't been pumped since the house was built. He did, however, find that the owners had done a bit of electrical work using speaker wire.

You don't have to do everything he says should be fixed. Ours didn't. It was all negotiated and we just had them fix the big stuff, like speaker wire.