Thursday, March 05, 2009

Great Questions To Ponder

I just love it when our BSD lesson gets people to ponder and struggle with some very deep questions!

Today we tried to answer the following in connection with a study of the nature of Christ:

Surely Satan knew Jesus was God, so why did he even bother trying to tempt him?

If Jesus is fully God, then how could he possibly have been really tempted by Satan?

How can you respond to a loved one or friend who believes Jesus was a good teacher, but not divine?

In connection with the above question, is C. S. Lewis' "Liar, Lunatic or Lord" argument persuasive?

If not, then how else could you give evidence of the divinity of Christ?

There were lots of different answers offered to these questions, but ultimately the mystery of the Trinity doesn't lend itself to discovering THE answer. What's your response?


Gannet Girl said...


(from the woman who just finished her 12 pp Christology exam, regarding which YOU said . . . )

Now you see my quandry?

Gannet Girl said...

I actually debated how to spell quandary. Let's hope the paper doesn't reflect the same degree of brilliance in its conclusions!

John Edward Harris said...

I think that Jesus' divinity can not be proven. It can only be experienced.

Quotidian Grace said...

Is that Christology? I'll be darned!

John Edward--
Love your answer, I'll have to share it next week.

Gannet Girl said...


Mary M said...

I've been thinking about this - (read the post before leaving for the office) - perhaps the answer rests in part on Satan's pride. Certainly in literature - and I think both here and in Job - Satan is filled with the pride - make that arrogance - that he is God's equal and/or knows better than God. Hence, Satan could truly believe that he could best Jesus. Jesus, on the other hand, sees through all his manipulations and temptations. And for generations of Christ followers, the narrative is a reminder that just because something sounds good or easy or involves minimal compromise doesn't mean we should go for it.

Oh - and Jesus, God and the Spirit -- yep, a wonderful mystery to be experienced!

Michael said...

One of the best responses I have ever heard regarding a person asking for proof or evidence of the Divinity of Jesus, or the existence of God for that matter is a question: What type of proof or evidence would you be willing to accept?

Such a question could be provoke thought, dialogue or perhaps some soul searching which I would argue is a good thing.
Sometimes the best thing to do is just be honest about our own experiences with God and how it has made a difference for us and leave it at that.

Ultimately, it is up to God to change hearts and minds.

Viola Larson said...

Remember the white witch, she didn't know about the deeper magic : )Interesting Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus and Jesus expounded on it as all good Jewish Rabbis would.
I'm thinking of Satan's suggestion that Jesus jump off of the temple and God would keep him from harm. But Jesus explains that you must not tempt God. I think Satan didn't really understand the Incarnation. I too think he was arrogant.
It is hard to best C.S. Lewis’ apologetic. It was part of what brought Chuck Colson to Christ. But I think the Holy Spirit has many ways of bring people to Christ and helping them understand that he is both human and God. C.S. Lewis’ wife Joy Davidson simply felt his presence and then later wrote that she was “the world’s most surprised atheist.”