Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getting Inspected

Yesterday was pretty tense Chez QG.

Our prospective buyers scheduled their inspection of the house. They arrived at 1 pm and didn't leave until well after 6 pm. St. Betty kindly let Beatrice and I stay at her house so we could get out of the way. You don't want to watch people crawl all over your house looking for defects!

Now we wait to hear their response to the inspection.


Singing Owl said...

SIX hours? Wow.

We are in the midst of listening to our own MP3s from Faith Comes By Hearing. I pretty much concur with what you have said. Interesting. It is odd that I was at the church to start it but not to finish it.

Reformed Catholic said...

That's a quick turn-around for the inspection. Usually that doesn't happen for a few weeks.

The prospective buyers sound like they are really eager.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'll bet it took a long time because they stopped to read some of the great books in your library!