Monday, March 08, 2010

MOB Redux Update: A Busy Week!

I'm back again with a Mother of the Bride update. Last week was a very busy week in our Wonderful World of Wedding. Here's what was accomplished:
  • Invitations printed
  • Invitations addressed
  • Shower guest list sent to hostesses (thanks, friends!)
  • Wedding music chosen and outline for service made
  • Soloist confirmed--Yay! Valerie O.
  • Tuxedos for groom, best man and groomsman chosen
  • Meeting with caterer for reception scheduled
  • Bridesmaids luncheon confirmed at restaurant
  • Limo for bride and groom reserved
  • MOB found dresses for the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaid's luncheon
Whew! Looks like a very busy--but very happy--March and April coming up.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Your daughters are sooooo lucky.

Averill said...

Ugh I still need dresses for the bridesmaid luncheon AND the rehearsal dinner. I'm just not finding anything I love!

Rev Kim said...

What PG said.

And yay for getting so much done in one week!

Mac said...

Question from the "other gender": How involved was the groom in the selection of his tux and those of his party?

When my BIL was measured for his tux, they measured his right arm, which is 3/4 inches shorter than the right, thanks to poor North Vietnamese marksmanship. When he struggled to get the the left sleeve to "fit," I reminded him that in all the weddings I have attended, I have never heard anyone say "Didn't the groom look lovely." In fact, about the best the groom can hope for is "I'm fairly sure he was there, 'cause the altar had that balanced look. I think he was wearing clothes."

Just a thought.....

Elaine said...

You're getting good at this.

Norman, OK

Quotidian Grace said...


Our groom TOTALLY chose the tuxes for himself, the best man and groomsman. We're proud of him! I was not involved at all!!!

Mac said...

Good for him! I'll bet he brings the same attention and teamwork to the marriage.

clara said...

love your soloist choice!