Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outdoor Decor: Before and After

I've been inspired by daughter Portia's blog to do a Home Decor Before and After. We're trying to spiff up the house before Babs' upcoming wedding because we will have out of town friends and relatives stopping by. So above you see the "Before" picture of the courtyard just outside our front door. Nice "bones", but boring. Too brownish-grey don't you think?

"After" I made a trip to Pottery Barn and sprang for some colorful pillows I think it looks much more inviting! Olivia likes it, too.

Beatrice hopped up on this chair and demanded a close-up so you can see how pretty she looks in front of the new red floral pillow.

And lastly--isn't this the cutest? I found it in Dolores Hidalgo when we were visiting Mexico last month. I couldn't believe some artisan had put the seal of the State of Texas on a fabulously decorated big vase. Obviously these guys knew their market.

But what makes my courtyard and patio so gorgeous today isn't anything I bought--its the fabulous spring weather God sent to us. What a great start to Holy Week.


RevDi said...

Perfect additions -- especially the vase! What a find.

Rev Kim said...

Beautiful additions!

Newman & Redford would love to join Beatrice in sunning on the patio.