Friday, March 26, 2010

A Real Spring

Growing up in south Texas, I seldom experienced a real spring. Coolish winter weather morphed unnoticeably into summer heat and humidity. By the time we were celebrating Easter, early spring blooms had faded and the a/c was running full blast everywhere.

This year we've had one of the coldest and longest spells of real winter weather on record and our reward is a glimpse of real springtime! Seeing the new green shoots peek out of frost-damaged bedding plants and grow quickly into nice fluffy borders is a welcome reminder of the new life in Christ that we will be celebrating next week as Holy Week begins. Here's a photo of one of my favorites, in the appropriate liturgical color for Lent.

What a treat!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Pretty flowers!

It must be nice to have a dose of spring. We've got it busting out here too, but we are spoiled in California.

laura said...

It's been kind of like that here in Central Florida, too. We didn't get the snow and ice, but there was some late frost and unseasonable cold for an extra 3-4 weeks. Which has meant a lot more brown than usual in our perpetually green landscape.

A few days of "normal" weather and suddenly all the azaleas blooming and bedding plants are springing back to life! We even saw some baby sand hill cranes yesterday... as sure a sign as the pollen on my car that we are about to celebrate Easter!

zorra said...

The azaleas are blooming!!