Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Finally there is evidence of springtime in my garden! It's been the coldest winter for many years down here and we've been whining a lot about it since winter is usually our best weather.

I'm hoping we'll see lots of bluebonnets in a couple of weeks!


stinuksuk said...

O what a lovely picture that inspires hope for us in the North!
Here most is still blanketed in snow, although some piles have shrunk and there are patches of olive green/brown grass. Sigh. We'll have to wait longer for tangible signs of spring. Thanks for the picture!

Reformed Catholic said...

Still have white stuff all over my backyard ... (sigh)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Spring is springing beautifully in your yard!

Rev Kim said...


zorra said...

I have lovely camellias, but no evidence whatsoever of azalea blooms. I suspect the embryonic buds froze.