Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Olivia Blogs: Beatrice, Scourge of Kitties

Woof! Olivia here.

I'm checking in because it is my duty to give a report on Beatrice's deportment while El Jefe and QG were on vacation. And it wasn't quite as stellar as the pet sitter reported. Oh no.

All the pet sitter saw was Beatrice on best behavior. But at the end of the day when we were at Portia's house for the night, Beatrice turned into the Scourge of Kitties. (Portia and DK have two cats.)

WOOF! WOOF! Beatrice here--move over Olivia! I'm not the only one who likes to chase kitties.


Olivia back again. Sorry Bea, this is my post. Get your own.

Well, the fracas escalated on Thursday to the point that Subi (a/k/a the Fraidy Cat) got so freaked that she lost all control of her...ahem...bodily functions all over Portia. That did it. Now Portia thinks it is a bad idea for Beatrice to sleep over more than a couple of nights.

Phooey. Anybody got any tips for training Beatrice to be sweet to Subi and Cleo? Anybody want to bet this can be done?

Your practically perfect in every way pet correspondent,

Don't hate me cause I'm gorgeous


Gannet Girl said...

Beatrice, I don't know how to break this to you, but . . . Cats Are In Charge. Always.

Your friend,

(Happy to live in a Cat=Free Zone and knowing it can't last forever.)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LIKE the cats at my house. I sniff their hineys.

But those pesky cats outside are a different story.

Sorry I am not any help.


Recovering Baptist said...

I'm surptised the kitties didn't discipline her themselves and I'm sure they will one of these days. Our 7lb burmese had the 70lb pitbull exactly where he wanted her.. she knocked out a sliding door trying to get away from him once :-D

Averill said...

Olivia IS gorgeous.

Love the pic!

Reformed Catholic said...

The only way Bea is going to get along with the kitties, is to recognize the fact that we felines are the royalty in the house.

Its as simple as that !!

Luke Skywalker,
who is waited upon by R.C.

zorra said...

I wouldn't know, cher. All I do with cats is chase 'em.