Monday, October 04, 2010

The Big Game As Told By QG

Okay, so our team didn't win. I'm not going to give you an analysis of the game. I know you're relieved. Instead, here are some of my observations about our day at the Texas State Fair and the UT-OU football game.

The weather couldn't have been better! Well maybe 5 degrees cooler would have been nice. But there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The huge crowd (about 100,000) was evenly divided into burnt orange and red tribes who were excited and happy before the game.

Here's a photo of El Jefe eating the traditional corn dog at the Texas State Fair in front of the iconic robot BIG TEX who has welcomed folks to the fair since the mind of mind knoweth not to the contrary.

By the way, we learned the hard way that you can only purchase food and drink with coupons. The lines for coupons took about 45 minutes to negotiate. Then you had a similar wait to get any food! So we missed out on trying some of the weird fried foods there--like fried oreos, fried twinkies and fried snickers bars--because you are apparently required by law to eat a corndog.

OK, gals, here's my fashion report. Eensy weensy shorts and skirts paired with cowboy boots are apparently the stylin' attire for the Longhorn and Sooner coeds and young grads. I never saw such huge silver jewlery in my life as was on display by gals of all ages and from both tribes. QG felt very under-dressed in her khaki capris and orange and white striped shirt.

The game itself is an amazing spectacle. Half the Cotton Bowl is decked with burnt orange-wearing fans and half in Sooner red. Both sides cheered their teams on at the top of their voices. We had fabulous seats just 14 rows back of the Sooner bench (on the UT side of the bowl) near the end zone and BEVO.

I did notice that when the BEVO mascot tried to approach the little boy sitting a few rows down and offered to pose for a photo for his parents the child wailed in fright. Guess Bevo looked too much like a Giant Calvinist Puppet of Doom. I told you kids don't like huge puppets!

After the game some friends joined us at a very chi-chi restaurant in downtown Dallas. You know you are out of your league when the Caesar Salad comes with the romaine leaves reaching to the sky as they are encircled with a parmesan crisp in the shape of a napkin ring. The food was very good, but deconstructionist in that the patron had to disassemble the presentation to eat it!

El Jefe pronounced the day a huge success, despite the loss, and declared we'd be back next year.

Further the affiant sayeth not.....

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