Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Twelfth Day

It's been 12 days since Patrick's accident and 12 days of emotional downs and ups. The surgery Tuesday relieved the pressure on his brain and so he remains in stable, but critical, condition in the ICU. He is moving around some, which is a good sign. We continue to watch and pray.

Prayer is such a powerful force. I see Carolee buoyed up and strengthened by the prayers of friends, family and people she doesn't know at all. She feels them in her heart and soul and they bring her peace and calm in the middle of a tragic circumstance. We are all re-learning what is really important in this life--faith, family and friends who care.

Everyone is settling in for a long watch, returning to their routines but adding prayer, calls and visits to the hospital. Many thanks to everyone for your continuing prayers.

There is a Caring Bridge site you can visit for updates if you are interested: 

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Presbyterian Gal said...

God bless Patrick and all of you. May angels watch over him and aid his healing.