Friday, October 01, 2010

El Jefe Checking One Off Bucket List

Tomorrow El Jefe is checking a big one off his bucket list: we are going to the big UT vs OU game in Dallas!

Natives of the Texas Panhandle (a/k/a Baja Oklahoma) like El Jefe take this inter-state rivalry very seriously. "This is when football becomes war," he  declares every year as he settles in front of the TV to watch the Big Game. (Note QG rolling her eyes in response). That's not a phrase he originated, but one he adopted from the book Texas vs. Oklahoma: When Football Becomes War--one of his favorites.

So tomorrow his dream becomes reality and it looks like the weather at the old Cotton Bowl is going to cooperate, too. Look for us in the stands with the Longhorn fans: I'll be the one with the orange hat and sunglasses. Everyone in my family is a UT alum--except El Jefe.

Go Longhorns!!!


Sharon said...

I totally get the significance of this! I'm an El Paso-born native Texan and lived in Dallas for 13 years, close enough to Fair Park to be able to hear the drums during Cotton Bowl games. The State Fair itself is amazing, too. Have a wonderful time!

Kimberly said...

Hook 'em Horns!

Anonymous said...

Hook 'em Horn!! Everyone in Mr Incredible's family is alum and they all bleed burnt orange. We used to go to the games, but this year we'll watch from home