Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Olivia--2007-2010

Thanks to so many of the QG readers who left their sympathy and kind words to me on Facebook today after our precious little dachshund Olivia passed away at age 3. I'm posting this to provide closure to the previous posts from Beatrice earlier in the week.

Olivia became suddenly ill Saturday afternoon and was diagnosed with acute liver failure Sunday night. The vets don't know the exact cause. Possibilities include ingestion of a toxin, bacterial or fungal infection, accumulation of copper due to genetic deficiency or all or part or none of the above. 

Everything was tried to help her but to no avail, so finally treatment had to be discontinued and her suffering ended. Portia, DK and I were with her to say goodbye and grieve.

She was a unique and winsome little personality and we will dearly miss her. Beatrice had a couple of accidents in the house today for the first time in more than a year--she surely feels our distress and also misses her daily visit from Olivia. It breaks our hearts to see her hang around the back door where Olivia came to stay with her on weekdays while our kids were at work.

Again, thanks for the care and concern.

Here's a link to more photos and a beautiful post from Averill about Olivia on her blog Odi et Amo.


ROBERTA said...

so so sorry...three years was just not long enough to be with your beautiful doxie....God's peace to the whole family....

Robin said...

Such a beautiful girl.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh poor Beatrice....missing her Olivia.

Again, I am so sorry. She will be chasing those snakes over the rainbow bridge.

Songbird said...

Right there with you, so very sorry.

stinuksuk said...

So, so, so very sorry about precious Olivia. She brought such joy to you all in such a short life.
She has crossed Rainbow Bridge.
Peace gently come and settle in your hearts even in your grief.

Reformed Catholic said...

Oh my goodness .. I've been on vacation and haven't been reading blogs, so I totally missed this.

I am so sorry to hear this, we had to put a pet down earlier this year, but this had to be much harder as it was so unexpected.

A few words typed in a box cannot fully express my condolences. However, while the theology is suspect, I've come to find that these few paragraphs help to alleviate the pain: