Friday, December 31, 2010

Adieu, 2010

This year began with the joy and excitement of planning a wedding for Babs and P-Dubya which we celebrated with family and friends on May 1. 

A couple of months later we rejoiced with the news from Portia that she and DK were expecting their first child in early March of 2011.

Then came Patrick's tragic accident in early October and the grief and pain of his passing on December 1.

A stanza from the old hymn, In The Cross of Christ I Glory, keeps echoing in my head and it seems to sum up the meaning of this year 2010:

Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure,
By the cross are sanctified;
Peace is there that knows no measure,
Joys that through all time abide.
Gentle Readers, regardless of the banes or blessings the New Year brings you, may you have that "peace that knows no measure" and "joys that through all time abide."

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Kimberly said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

And you as well.