Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Devotions for 2007

As the New Year approaches, I started looking for a new daily devotional guide for 2007 since the RevGals don't (sob!) have a new one available. After browsing amazon for a while, I found and ordered A Year With Jesus by Eugene Peterson from amazon. Peterson has selected 365 readings from the Gospels of Matthew and John and written meditations on them. (He's a Presbyterian minister and the author of The Message translation of the Bible and a host of other popular books.)

Since I'm going to be spending a year with the General Council of New Covenant presbytery, I figured I really, really needed to try to spend that year with Jesus, too!

What are you planning to use for a devotional guide for 2007?


Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing ... I just ordered a copy of my own! Due to Amazon Prime ... I'll even get it before the weekend!

PresbyG said...

I'll be reading 'The M'Cheyne Devotional'-a republished devotional originally written by a 19th century Presbyterian pastor in Dundee, Scotland as a way to get
his congregation to read through the Bible in one year. AND, I'll be reading 'The Presbyterian Heritage Daily Devotional' by the Rev. P. J. Southam which is based on selections from the confessions. AND, I may even try reading the Heidelberg lesson on each Lord's day of the year.

You see, QG, I too sit on our presbytery's Council(I chair a committee) and I'll need to be fortified on my left and my right, as well! :)

Have a blessed New Year! PresbyG

Quotidian Grace said...

I wasn't aware of those two devotionals. They sound really interesting, too!

Anonymous said...

OK, Blogger, I'll try again. . .

Anything put together by Eugene Peterson is worth pouring over, in my humble opinion.

I'm going to try to commit myself to using Sacred Space online every day (ok, most days) this year.

Elaine said...

Sacred Space the book and the web page, just to keep my bases covered.

Norman, OK

hipastorzwife2B said...

I will attempt, again, to get through my one-a-day Psalms...we'll see!