Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sappy Christmas Song Update

Thanks to Rev Dave, Presbyterian Gal, Toby Brown, purechristianithink, j, too and yours truly here's our Sappy Christmas Song as of this writing:

'Twas lonely at the manse that Christmas Eve
As the pastor's dog waited under the tree
Buster's health was failing fast
When an angel came and asked
"Hey there Buster, I come to lift
Your sorry state with a heavenly gift"
She drew out a biscuit from her robe
And held it under Buster's nose.
"Smell this old friend, isn't it fine?
Guess what! It's 'Doggie Communion Time!!!"

But the offering of that angel bright was not yet done,
For as soon as she had begun,
She served old Buster a dish of wassail true
And then, the dog did feel his strength returning,
Just then, with a flash of silken fur
The minister's cat, with a lordly purr
And a silver bell hung around his neck,
Announced, "No eggnog?! What the heck?"

Let's far we have a lonely manse, a sick dog, a Christmas tree, an angel, Doggie Communion biscuits, magic wassail, a Christmas miracle and now the appearance of a cat with a silver bell demanding eggnog.

The song needs a big sappy finish! Leave your suggestions in the comments.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I wanna play so bad but I am brain dead!

Anonymous said...

Already hitting the 'nog, Princess? :)

Or is it the sales at Target? I can't ever decide--Target or Academy...aargh..

Anonymous said...

But cats are notoriously intrepid and brave

Especially when it's that eggnog they crave

And this one, with feline grace and speed

Leapt to the counter with little heed

For the cookies and cakes impeding her glide

And toward the vast bowl of eggnog did slide.

ceemac said...

and drank deeply with kitty glee
and headed off to climb the Christmas tree

Rev Dave said...

but the nog had been spiked with whiskey,
(the pastor was not baptist, you see,)
making the kitty rocky on his feet,
and seeing not one but two trees.

[Still waiting for Santa to appear in this work of art!
And how did you know I was going to kick things off?]

ceemac said...

It looks like this won't be a perfect country christmas song becuase there is no mention of trucks, trains, mama or prison and the only one gettin drunk is a cat

Purechristianithink said...

In one was her own dear mama
Dead these years gone by
She was hit in the road by an eggnog truck
And lives with that Lion in the sky.

Anonymous said...

So I sing this sad song from the kitty stockade,
Awaitin' the hangin' tree:
I'm guilty of my sainted cat mama's death,
And as sorry as a drunk cat can be.

Dear Santa, if you're hearing my song,
Give my mama a message from me.
Tell her I'll look for her at the pearly gats,
And we'll go climb St. Pete's Christmas tree.

(I think I got prison and Santa in there--sappy enough for country? -grin)

Anonymous said...

Uh, that would be "gates," not "gats." Gads!!!