Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Renovation of the Heart study

El Jefe and I are part of the facilitating team for the study of Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart at church. We're using the video that features brief lectures from the author and a "roundtable" discussion with Larry Crabb and John Ortberg on the themes of each chapter. The study begins this coming Sunday.

This is my first exposure to Dallas Willard. If any QG readers have led or participated in this book and video study, I would love to hear from you--particularly if you have any tips for leading the study. What did you think of it?


Lorna (see through faith) said...

would love to be doing this with you ... do please post your thoughts on it as you go along - you might inspire us to do likewise where we are :)

Michael Kruse said...

I haven't seen the video but I loved the book and 'Divine Conspiracy." I'll be interested to hear how the video stuff works. I may have to look into that.

Scott said...

This series is excellent. There always seemed to be something that catches the class' attention from the lecture but they really relate more to the conversation part. I wouldn't worry too much about all of the leader activities. Just pick a few questions from the participants guide and go with it. The diagrams of the parts of the self and how Christ works within the self are useful to class members so you may want to make copies of those when the time comes. Don't leave out the exercises each week. They are what really get the class thinking and engaging. I hope it goes well.

Jan said...

I've read Willard's books but have neer been in a study. Scott's comments make me want to be in the study, too!

Anonymous said...

I do know that his works have been very important to a great many mainline Christians who have become more serious about their faith.

I think that you will really enjoy his manner of writing and his seriousness about our growth in Christian commitment.

I look forward to reading what comes from the study!

Anonymous said...

I've read and re-read Willard's 'The Divine Conspiracy' and 'The Spirit of the Disciplines'. I like his writing very much.