Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Because of a Nail the Floor Was Lost

From the Adventures in Home Ownership Department:

When the plumber who came to fix the leak in the ceiling starts using words like "rotten joist" and "soggy subfloor" you just know it isn't good news.

And it wasn't.

The house is about 25 years old. It seems that a pipe was pierced by a nail during the original construction. Over the years the nail rusted until it fell away from the pipe, causing leakage to be visible. But for many years there was slow seepage that damaged the wood under the tile floor, including the subfloors and the joist in the garage ceiling below.

And thus it is that what began as a call to stop a leak has turned into a complete floor replacement. Ugh.

That is my day. How's yours been?


Singing Owl said...

Ugh! Mine was not fabulous, but I admit it probably was better than yours. Sorry about the floor. :-(

Presbyterian Gal said...

Man, that so blows and it's happening after Ike and during Hurricane Economy!

Come to my house and watch the spiders and silverfish being killed on Thursday. THAT should cheer you up!

Stushie said...

Must be a plumber's story worldwide. That happened to a friend of mine in Glasgow, Scotland many years ago. Perhaps the builders all went to the same nail hammering school together.

However, it would make a great illustration about the insidious nature of sin damaging our souls over time...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is awful! I guess it was better found now then to come home to a total blow-out?

When I read the title...I thought that it was going to be a parable.

Quotidian Grace said...

Stushie and Mindy--

It would make a good sermon illustration or parable, wouldn't it?

Anyone who wants to use it is welcome.

Reformed Catholic said...

Sheesh ... which is why a lot of good plumbers and electricians when running pipes and wires through joists will install a metal plate on the joist where the pipe runs through, to protect the pipe from that type of problem.

stinuksuk said...

Better than yours. Our little water spot on our foyer ceiling also was a leak. A wee leak.
The plumber fixed it. Now we have a rectangle hole in our ceiling. More will need to be cut away since there is some black mold forming.
The drywaller comes today to give us an estimate. Joy, O, Joy!!!
It just goes to show you, it's always sumpthin'!!!!