Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Antelope Are Still Playing

This is a photo of the old trestle suspension bridge at Canadian, Texas. It is the longest bridge of its kind still standing west of the Mississippi.

El Jefe and I spent the Sunday after his high school reunion with his cousins exploring Canadian, which also has a beautiful little art museum with a good collection and a traveling exhibit of Mary Cassat pastels. (More about The Citadelle tomorrow.)

The QG Award for Most Honest Civic Motto goes to Canadian for its motto: Where the wheat grows, the oil flows and the wind blows!

You know you are back in West Texas when you turn on the radio in your rent car as you leave the Amarillo airport and immediately are treated to the farm commodities report. There's muchmore interest in pig, wheat and gas futures up here than in the stock market, I guess.

We really did see antelopes running by the side of the highway as we drove north. No tumbleweeds this time though! I think the ground wasn't yet dry enough for them.

And here are two words that I never thought I would see put together:

Finally, the best quip of the reunion came from one of El Jefe's friends who is a professor at Abilene Christian University:

Old age is responsible for most of what
Christianity gets the credit for.

Discuss among yourselves.


Alan said...

I didn't know El Jefe was an ACU grad. I was at First Central as Associate pastor back in the early '80's.

I really like West Texas.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Did you go to the cowboy gelato place on 6th street in Amarillo? It really is good!!

Quotidian Grace said...

Alan, El Jefe is not a ACC grad (he is a Yale grad). The professor is his old Borger high school classmate.

Mindy, sorry to say we didn't stop for the gelato. But I can highly recommend aThe Red Door spa where Mary and I spent the day!

Robin said...

I dunno about cowboy gelato - but I'd love to see that Mary Cassat exhibit.

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