Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Olivia Blogs: Fun With Fences


Olivia here.

QG may have mentioned the fact that there is a new house being built on the lot next door.

That means that field mice, bunnies and frogs are trying to move into her back yard.

HAH! Not while I'm on duty over there!!

This morning I chased a mouse through QG's fence and into the construction next door. QG was NOT amused, tho' I don't know why because I KNOW she is not a fan of mice.

There I was, in hot pursuit of said rodent, leaping merrily through the high grass, nails, broken glass, mud and construction debris. And there was QG trying vainly to get me out of there, almost falling in the muck.

I felt sorry for her so I let her catch me, but we had a hard time getting around all the c*&p in the yard and home again.

Then for some reason she wouldn't let me go outside again unless I was on a leash. HMPH. Some gratitude, that's what I say.

Time for a nap now.

Yours for a rodent-free yard,

(NOTE from QG: When Olivia returns tomorrow she will find chicken wire affixed to the aforementioned iron fence so that she can't get through the posts anymore.)


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Olivia you sound like a mighty huntress!

Anonymous said...

Olivia - maybe you should bring her one as an offering - then she would appreciate your hunting skillz!