Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Liturgical Mystery--Yippee!

Many of QG's Gentle Readers are also big fans of Mark Schweizer's Liturgical Mysteries series.

So here's a big head's up, people: a new one has just been published!

It's called The Organist Wore Pumps.

I'd been speculating about the title of the next one, since the others seem to have used about all possible voices (The Soprano Wore Falsettos, The Alto Wore Tweed, The Bass Wore Scales, etc). Except for the Countertenor. I was rooting for "The Countertenor Wore a Collar"!

And yes, it's available in a Kindle edition, fellow techno-geeks. Which is how I plan to read it.

I can't wait to see if Schweizer inserts some of the satires that had me roaring with laughter before--like the Feng Shui Altar Guild, The Moldy Cheese Madrigal and who could forget the Pirate Eucharist and the Weasel Cantata?

Stand by for a review, but not too soon. I have to pace myself because I hate it when I finish one of the Liturgical Mysteries and don't have a new one to look forward to.


Cathy said...

Wondering if these are sequential or do they stand alone?

Quotidian Grace said...

Cathy, they are not really sequential. It's like other mystery series with continuing characters but stand alone plots.