Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Watercolors: A Trio

Today's watercolors are a trio! Here they are, in the order in which I painted them.

This one is called "Porlock Weir" and is one of the exercises from the online course I have been doing. The purpose of the exercise was to practice doing water and reflections in the water.

This one I painted from a photograph of one of the bridges over the San Antonio riverwalk that I have. I thought it would be a good chance to do another water painting.

The last one is a painting exercise we did in the watercolor class I took at WASH ("watercolor artists' society). It is in a very different style--much more "painterly" as the instructor said. Which was great because one of my goals is to develop my own style along with learning some skills. It was fun because I learned some different techniques.


artbymj said...

I am getting to where I really look forward to your Friday watercolor's Jody :0) Good job on the water - doesn't look like a spilled bucket of blue paint and there's great glassy reflection too. Love that you were "brave" enough to do a person on the 2nd - I think it adds so much to the composition. And on the 3rd I can see that you are learning about all the colors in objects - a green leaf isn't all green. It's great fun watching you grow and learn with the brush.

artbymj said...

Oh...and I recognize that exact spot on the San Antonio Riverwalk! I have a photo from a similar angle that I've wanted to paint. You've inspired me to get with it.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Mary. Coming from you those comments and encouragement means a lot!

I will be interested to see your painting of the SA river scene. That bridge in La Villita is just a couple of blocks away from the law office I worked in before marrying Mike and moving to Houston.

Lots of happy memories there!

stf said...

really like the first one :) the water is fab.

Presbyterian Gal said...

You are really good at this! Water is very hard to do and you've got a great grasp of it already.

Recovering Baptist said...

So, is Porlock Weir for sale?

Quotidian Grace said...

Sure, RB. I didn't know anything about Porlock Weir until you left that comment on Facebook saying your had many holidays there growing up. I'd love for you to have it! Call or email we'll arrange a time to get it to you.

That online course I am taking is from the UK and several of the landscape exercises are sites in Britian. :-)