Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Five: Baby Showers!

Well, shut my mouth if Jan over at the RevGals didn't post a Friday Five meme all about Baby Showers since she is hosting one for her daughter-in-law.

As an expectant Granny-to-be, I must chime in!

1. What were baby showers like for you and your friends in the past?

Boy that seems like a long time ago! They were usually simple gatherings with Lady Food and the opening of presents for the baby.

2. Did you play games? What kinds?

I don't remember playing games at baby showers for me and my generation of friends. Guess we weren't so playful!!

3. In your job, especially if you are a pastor, do you get invited to a lot of baby showers? What do you do about them?

I'm not a pastor, so this one doesn't apply. I'm just invited to showers for the daughters of friends who I know well.

4. Are baby showers different for our daughters (or younger friends) than they were for us?

Yes and no. I think it depends on the hostess or hostesses. I've been to some showers where several games with prizes were organized, but most are like the showers back in my day.

5. Do you like hosting baby showers or do you avoid that responsibility?

I like doing it, but I'm not very creative about it so I usually recruit a friend who is to help co-host the event. That works well.

Bonus: Any silliness about baby showers you wish to contribute.

This isn't silliness--but Portia and I have been thinking that it would be great to have a Baby Book Shower where the only gifts requested would be books for the baby that she would choose and register with and Barnes and Nobel or books that guests especially loved reading to their children or having read to them as a child. We loved reading together! I think it's a super idea myself. You???


Kitty B said...

I LOVE your book shower idea! I always give books -- never had kids so I have trouble guessing sizes and stuff, but I DID teach preschool, so I know kids' books.

Martha Williams Jordan said...

The book idea is WONDERFUL! I attended a shower where everyone was asked to bring a book for the new little guy. As the mom-to-be opened the gifts, we each talked about why we selected that book for him. Many signed their books and Katie still talks about reading the inscriptions before she reads the books to her son.

Sue said...

What a great idea!! Every baby needs books.

Robin said...

I LOVE the idea of a baby book shower!

Julie said...

Love, love, love the book shower idea!

And - congratulations!!!! Being a grandmother is, without doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me. And how lucky this little one is in his/her grandparents!

Wendy said...

We had a book shower for my friend in grad school. I thought it was fun and the mother didn't know my contribution of Go, Dog, Go! It's a great way to build a library. I'd emphasize getting a book that is meaningful to the giver, but I know registries are helpful for repeat gifts and/or people who just wouldn't know what to get.

I actually had a book shower for my wedding shower (I am Bookgirl, after all), but that was more of a reach. lol.

Jan said...

I love that book shower idea! In fact, my daughter-in-law said that she gave one for a friend and it was darling. In fact, she was jealous of all the books given for the baby!

Anonymous said...

The book shower is a great goes both ways I think regarding registry or having the guests bring books that they especially love for their children or from their childhood. As a Grammy of 3 years there are just so many great ones out there...the favorite gift for me to give is a book to any child or a coming child. Congratualations to you and Portia - dads too! Lynn