Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Friday Notes

  • Earlier this week I caught the same upper respiratory "crud" that El Jefe developed shortly after we returned from our trip. Clearly "Airborne" and extra vitamins didn't help me resist it! That's definitely affected blogging and other things. Nothing got done unless it HAD to get done.
  • Tropical Storm Hermine dumped half the Gulf of Mexico on our back yard. We're hoping the swamp dries out over the weekend and before the next dowsing.
  • It says somewhere it is now fall. Who knew? Maybe I should go look for my fall wreath for the door and put some fall flowers in the pots filled with only dirt by the front door.
  • I was asked to lead a workshop on the Solas for the presbytery's officer training event in January. Guess I'm now the official Sola Gal of PNC.
  • Tonight El Jefe and I are going to a Ronan Tynan concert! I'm sure he will sing America the Beautiful or another patriotic song in rememberance of 9/11. And El Jefe does love an Irish tenor.

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