Monday, September 13, 2010

The Layman Reviews the Podcast

For those of you who haven't had time to listen to the full podcast conversation between me and vice moderator Rev. Landon Whitsitt--and you know who you are--the Layman posted an article today reviewing the discussion here.

It seems like a pretty fair summary of the debate to me. Of course the Layman's point of view is much closer to mine than it is to Landon's.

I must say that thanks to their link I learned what "all that and a bag of chips" means. So color me clueless....

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Rev SS said...

Confessionn of '67 says it best: scripture, while inspired by HS, was written by men in their cultural context and with their human understanding ... as it points to the life of Jesus (God's living word) it is God's written word to us ... when living like Jesus becomes our focus ... instead of fallible human beings being "right" about their interpretation/proof text of scripture, God's church will thrive, even if some of our human institutions die (a long overdue death ... "let the dead bury the dead") IMHO