Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome, Cool Front!

Dear Cool Front,

Welcome back! Take off your hat and sit a spell. Here, I'll move those magazines. 

Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Adult beverage? 

Here's the remote control. No, please take it, it's all yours.

I've put fresh flowers and a fruit basket in the guest room. We were hoping you'd visit soon. That Summer had definitely outstayed her welcome! Some seasons never know when to leave.

You, however, are our FAVORITE! Please stay as long as you like. We hope you won't need to make any trips out of town while you're with us because that sneaky Summer will just try to move right in again. No flowers and fruit basket for her!

Did Fall come with you? There's plenty of room for her too. I have an extra guest room. That's the advantage of being an empty-nester you know! 

Please say you'll stay!!!!

Love, QG


Jules said...

Nice! We love Cool Front around here, too.

Then her cousin, Deep Freeze (nickname: Alberta Clipper) moves in and won't give up the room for five months.

Quotidian Grace said...

Deep Freeze must be Blue Norther's evil twin. Blue never stays more than a few days down here.

Sharon said...

Yes, absolutely yes! And, in Texas (my home state), it's very nice to get a visit from Cool Front before October. Enjoy!