Friday, February 06, 2009

Catherine Update--She's coming to Houston

My sister, Music Mary, just called to let us know Catherine received an offer to join the HGO Opera Studio for the coming year. She's accepted, and we are thrilled she will be in Houston for the next stage of her training.

I told El Jefe to get ready for a Whole Lotta Opera over the next couple of years!

God is so good.


Songbird said...

How thrilling! I have a friend in the Production office and another who has been stage managing there. I hope she has a great year!

Presbyterian Gal said...

How cool and exciting is all this!!! Wonderful news. Congratulations to Catherine and your whole family.

zorra said...

That is wonderful news!

Word verification: bookae (what fans will soon be throwing to Catherine)

Kathryn said...

Oh how lovely...the whole thing is beyond exciting and I'm thrilled for you and for the family :-)

Mary Beth said...

How perfectly SPLENDID! I grew up going to the Houston Opera. Fond memories!