Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Listing This Old House

I remember seeing our house for the first time in the late '80's. El Jefe and I had decided that we would investigate what was then the far-flung 'burb of Sugar Land in search of a new home. The one we had was very well located in near-town Houston, but at over 70 years of age was turning into a veritable Money Pit. Plus we faced years of participation in the Private School Shuffle, which appeared to us to be a wildly over-rated and stressful exercise.

We didn't buy this house right away. We looked at several other homes in the neighborhood, but ultimately I wasn't ready to make that leap of faith 20 miles away from everything that was familiar to me. So we stayed where we were.

And yet. I kept thinking about that house. Maybe it was because it reminded me of the home I grew up in, but whatever the reason I ultimately agreed about a year later to make a bid on the home. We did and sold the house we had immediately. So it was pre-destined. Wasn't it?

Yesterday I sat on our patio overlooking the pool watching Beatrice chase birds and realized how much I would miss our backyard. How many pool parties for the church youth group, friends of our girls, neighbors and family members did we have here? Too many to count.

It's a very happy house. There are lots of big windows that bring sunlight into the house in every room. We had a few tough times here in the last 20+ years, but mostly we had very good times--holidays with extended family and friends; special celebrations of graduations, engagements, weddings and birthdays will always be special memories tied up with this place.

Last night we signed the listing contract with our realtor. It's time to move on and let another family grow and be happy in this old house.

We are excited about the new home we are building for our "empty nester" years. El Jefe remarked that both of us lived longer in our present home than anywhere else in our lives so of course we will miss it.

Selling a home is always a stressful decision, but in this current economic downturn there are many more unknowns than usual. We'll just have to see what happens and hope that the right buyers will come along in a reasonable amount of time.

Wish us luck!


Teri said...

technically, it was foreordained.... (putting away Presbygeek self now...)

I'm sad you'll be moving out of your house, but glad the home will be filled with good memories to enfold the next family. good luck!

Mac said...

Wishing hard. As one who moved 17 times in 21 years in the Marine Corps, I have found myself to be reallty attached to our home. (When we bought this place, I told SWMBO "Make sure you like it, because the next time I move, six guys will be carrying me.")

At the same time, moving is good--it refreshes the blood, allows you to discard all the accumulated stuff, and share the joy of painting, wallpapering and putting up new curtains.

OK, just ignore that last comment. 8>)

Gannet Girl said...

You are so wise in seeing your departure as an opportunity for another family to grow and be happy in your home.

Red_Cleric said...

I wish I was nearer retirement age. A house out in Texas sounds great. I have great memories of being in Abilene, [less bugs but more allergies than Sugar Land]. I could, may move back that way after retirement.

Good attitude and God bless you. May that pool have hundreds of more pool parties for youth groups in the future.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I do wish you luck. I am also glad that you know some sweet family will grow in your house.

I wonder if the people that I bought my house know that?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wishing you the most excellent of luck.

I know whoever buys your house will immediately feel right at home.

Questing Parson said...

I have a feeling you'll just pack the memories and take them with you. How warm your description.

zorra said...

It is a happy and beautiful house. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling it and I am sure it will be well-loved by its next family, too.

Recovering Baptist said...

I can imagine the thought of selling after so many happy years and all the memories would be stressful. Never having lived anywhere for too long I had to learn to store memories sans the home. With the exception of our home in Pa, which we owned for over 15 years and came and went from. I felt deep sorrow selling that dear old time and money pit. I'm happy here though and have cherished seeing neighboring children grow.