Friday, February 13, 2009

Volunteers Needed for

Our presbytery has put out a call for volunteers to help complete the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance village in Port Neches, Texas. Thunderstorms came through the area this week, causing significant damage and there is concern the village won't be ready for the first scheduled work group. Sometimes you just can't win for losin', as we say.

You'd think there would be some provision in the Stimulus Package that would help fund the rebuilding of the Texas and Louisiana areas devastated by Hurricanes Ike, Gustav and Rita. That would certainly put people to work! I can't find any reference to that--but then, no one seems to know what is in this bill, do they?


Bad Alice said...

You can find a summary here:

My understanding, which is pretty durned limited, is that if money is allocated to go to a specific location, it is deemed "earmarked" and they were trying to avoid that.

Stushie said...

I guess we get what America voted for...all fluff and no substance.

Reformed Catholic said...

Don't blame me ... I voted for the other guy :)

Fitting ... my Capcha 'word' is: braps !! Sorta sounds like a Bronx cheer!

Rev Kim said...

RC - me too! :)

I saw the call for volunteers on Presbyweb. Praying that they will be able to get the village ready for the first work group.

Recovering Baptist said...

Sorry to hear about Port Neches. we had an appeal come from church about this too. If building was my thing I would help. It's sad how some of the smaller areas get forgotten. Fergus was talking to a guy on the Island this morning and he was saying this year might be his best yet. He had losses from the Ike but he's so busy now he doesn't have much time for his secondary business. regarding the stimulus package I suppose one has to participate to have a say and since our congressfolk chose not to play we are the losers. imho