Friday, February 27, 2009

Springtime in Sugar Land

Spring has come to Sugar Land. Today it is about 80 degrees and my garden is full of blooming things, which gives me some comfort and calm amid the turmoil of the financial markets. Not sure it's helping El Jefe, though.

I'm not sure what this hedge is, but the flowers are pretty, purple and spiked.
Maybe its a Goth-flower?

These are just spectacular in our front yard!

This is my favorite flowering bush. It's called a Mexican Firecracker! A lot of bees are buzzing around it, which Beatrice found out the hard way. Ouch!

This is my super-duper triple red begonia.

These azaleas along my back fence began blooming late in January. The ones in front are purple and are just now beginning to form buds.

Any signs of spring at your place?


ROBERTA said...

wow - your pictures give me hope - we had 10 inches of snow yesterday on the olympic peninsula but it should be gone by sunday. would you like to trade places :)

p.s. word verification spelled "luvely" and that is what those flowers are!

Rev Kim said...

Beautiful pictures!

No signs of spring here; in fact, we received 4" of snow last night.

Poor Beatrice! Do you have a supply of Benadryl on hand for her?

Presbyterian Gal said...

I just love how the good Lord is helping sell your house!

zorra said...

I have firecracker envy. Ours made three little blooms and quit.
The azaleas look good, though, and I have more peppermint camellia blooms and buds than I had last year.
Cyclamen, pansies, and sweet alyssum still hanging on!

Mac said...

Saw the first Robin of spring yesterday when it was a mild 58. Saw him again today--his little feet were frozen to the ground (groan).

jean said...

Green daffodil leaves just showing as they push through the soil. Sleet and snow forecast for tonight.

Singing Owl said...

No signs of spring here. It was below zero last night and It is 10 degrees F. here right now. The snow is still deep, and ice is everywhere. March is usually one of the worst months for snow. Does this make me grumpy? And how.