Friday, July 24, 2009

From the MOB Files: Wedding Entrances

Thanks to fellow Mother of the Bride, Mary M. planning a December wedding, for this:


Presbyterian Gal said...

OMG That is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen in a wedding!!! I want to know these people.

How fun and ...just spectacular!!

Red_Cleric said...

that is so awesome. All I can say is if they put 1/3rd of the energy into their marriage they did into that they'll be rocking for decades.

Peace Alan

Reformed Catholic said...

That has to be going around the net, as I was referred to that by someone on Facebook.

I passed it on to a friend I know who just graduated Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. She thought it was hilarious, but better suited to the reception, not prior to asking God's blessing.

Then I said, "you really can't tell what denomination from the church, could have been U-U, in which case it really wouldn't matter !!"

Songbird said...

I'm not sure what you're trying to imply about UUs (that they are atheist?), but the church was Christ Lutheran in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gannet Girl said...
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Gannet Girl said...

Couldn't get the comments to work yesterday and now I see . . . I am all alone in this: I was hoping it was a (terrible) parody of I have no idea what. But I have been boo-ed (not really) on Facebook.

Am I so off base in thinking there are certain events in which dignity and reverence might be paramount?

I do think the bridesmaids' dresses are cute. That's about the best I can come up with.

Reformed Catholic said...

Only implying that U-U's tend to accept anything.

G.G. ... you're not alone in this, for sure !!