Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MOB Redux Update: The Match Game

The last week on the Matrimonial Front has been spent getting information about possible venues for the ceremony and the reception, and checking dates available in spring 2010. Lots of phone calls and emails were generated.

Now Babs and P-Dubya have made a decision that narrows down the field of possibilities: the wedding ceremony will be at MDPC. So the Match Game now focuses on matching available dates at the church to available dates at places for the reception.

Hopefully, that gets resolved today. Then the MOB can move on from The Match Game to The Check List.

Matchy, matchy.

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Christine R. said...

Alrighty, Jody! You are aware I am one of the wedding coordinators at our church. Julie being the the first contact as the main coordinator. Hopefully I will get the assignment of assist Julie. That would be waaaay cool. :o)