Monday, July 13, 2009

Note to MOB: Get a Grip

The M.O.B. realized that she might be getting just the teensiest bit distracted today when she checked out at the grocery store only to discover that her wallet was not in her purse.

The kindly checker completed the order and had it stored in the cooler while she went home to fetch it.

Half-way home (a couple of miles), the M.O.B. spotted the aforementioned wallet lying on the bottom left hand side of the windshield. OUTSIDE the car.

Pulling to one side, she adroitly retrieved it and was greatly relieved to discover nothing was missing. It must have been on the windshield the whole time she was in the grocery store. Amazing.

Why did she put it there? Dunno. Can't remember. Was too busy emailing Babs and Portia re: proposed wedding dates and venues.

RESOLVED: One thing at a time....


Presbyterian Gal said...

As an experienced over-caution-ary, here is my advice to you:

Place credit alerts on all your credit cards and keep a close eye on activity. If you had a checkbook in your wallet, double check the numbers to make sure none are missing and keep an eye on your account activity.

Here is why: the new hobby of identity thieves is to steal information from places like wallets, write everything down or photograph it and then put them back.

Maybe that didn't happen at all, but just keep extra alert..

Your extra extra careful pal,

Quotidian Grace said...

Whoa, PG! Didn't think about that. Just went and checked my credit card activity and banking and all is well at the moment. I'll keep a close eye the next few days just in case. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

so the entire slump lasted 24 hours?! congrats on the MOB stuff - very fun time for all of you - and distracting in a good way!!

Mac said...

And you haven't even gotten close to the heady and heavy deliberations over, e.g., the color of the trim on the reception napkins--all those things that prospective grooms just live for!!!

Be careful out there.