Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Slumptime

I guess it was inevitable that after all the excitement and stress of moving that once things began to get back to "normal", life would seem pretty humdrum by comparison.

And so it goes as I slip into a bit of a summer slump. The heat doesn't help anything and the fact that both Portia and Babs are away on long vacations makes me lonesome for them. We've been too pre-occupied with getting moved and settled to plan a trip ourselves this summer.

No doubt I'll wish for some slumptime in the fall when everything gears up again. But for now--well--I wouldn't mind a change of pace.

How's your summer shaping up? Busy or slumpy?


Mac said...
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Sue said...

Busy for me until August 1st, at which point I plan to disappear - well, not literally of course (unless you know of some magic that you could pass along) but there will be no answering of the phone or checking messages at the church or anything like that. I think they call this strange phenomena a holiday. Yes, that's it. Until then, it's just crazy-making busy.

I hope the new house is beginning to feel like home already and that you are both enjoying it a lot.

Mary Beth said...

Busy AND slumpy. How's that!

Reformed Catholic said...

It was busy, will be arriving back in Plodding town tomorrow after a five week Grand Tour of the southeast US.

You can check my blog for some of the details ;)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I pray for the return of peaceful slumpy days.

Rev Kim said...

We'll be slumpy for a couple of weeks, as we head out for study leave next week and then to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, & Grand Teton after that. Then it will be busy as we gear up for fall - our kids start school on 8/24!