Thursday, January 07, 2010

Exercises in Futility

As a blue norther is blasting its way through my back yard, I find myself involved in the following exercises in (probable) futility:
  • sweeping the water off the side patio in the hope it won't become a skating rink
  • wrapping the exposed exterior faucets with rags, plastic bags and tape
  • gathering sheets and tarps to put over the tropical plants that are already frost-bitten from the early December snow
  • encouraging Beatrice and Olivia to do their business outside by bribing them with doggie treats (poor babies!)
  • preparing goodies for tonight's big game.
Tomorrow we're off to New Mexico for a mini-family reunion. It's warmer there, but not what I'd call warm. Wrap up, everyone!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Poor doggies. Are they taking the bribes?

Have fun south of the border!

Sally said...

suddenly we in the UK seem well prepared for cold weather, we only had one experience of cold weather in Texas, and it was enough!

Rev Kim said...

It was 5 here this morning, and Redford was none too pleased to go out and take care of business. Newman has thicker fur so it's as hard for him.

Yes, indeed, hook 'em Horns! I won't be able to see much of the game because I'm moderating the Session meeting of another church. I'm hoping we'll wrap up by 6:30, and I can at least see the second half.

Elaine said...

Have a great trip. My two are loving the weather. Of course, we have a dog door, so they are never more than 10 seconds from central heat!

I root school, State, Conference -- so, I'm rooting for Texas tonight; but you don't lose a Heisman quality QB and recover easily -- just look at OU and Bradford. The defense and special teams are going to have to really step up.

Norman, Oklahoma