Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti Resources--Church and Corporate

The RevGals have a post up today inviting everyone to share the resources for Haiti relief and what their own church is doing. I encourage you to join me there in sharing this information in the comments, either to this post or over at RevGals.

Our church (MDPC, Houston) showed a brief reflective video in worship about the tragedy that was quite powerful. This weekend at the session retreat, the session authorized a donation of $75,000 which will be equally divided between three of MDPC's mission partners that have been actively working in Haiti.

And let's not forget the generosity of the corporate sector of the United States! This weekend my good friend The Old Marine, who is in the rice business, told me that the American Rice Association is donating all the rice its members have warehoused in Haiti for immediate distribution to the people there. Haiti is one of the largest importers of American rice. HOOAH!


Rev Dave said...

I spit out my gum when I saw the $75K figure---that's about our annual budget here! But good for you guys! We got about $600 here yesterday for PDA, which is a good start for a low attendance weekend.

Quotidian Grace said...

MDPC has over 4000 members, so that puts the donation in perspective for you. I've been a member of smaller churches before and know that $600 on a low attendance Sunday is a generous outpouring as well.