Monday, January 04, 2010

Wintery Update

It's back to sort-of-normal Chez QG.

El Jefe is at the office, Olivia and Beatrice are snoozing in their beds in the kitchen. I just checked my calendar and realized almost NOTHING is going on until next week. Bummer.

Double bummer--its going to be VERY COLD (like 19 degrees or less) by the end of the week. There goes our new landscaping. I'll try to cover what I can, but it isn't established enough to survive that kind of cold. Its been many years since we had a hard freeze like that around here. The photo is of the snow we had early last month that killed several new plants. No snow predicted this time, however. Right now its only 41. Dang.

Looking forward to a quick trip to Santa Fe this weekend, though. Brother Dubya organized a mini-family reunion with the cousins on our father's side of the family. They are scattered from hell to breakfast across the country and we haven't seen them in many years--so it should be interesting.

That's about all I know. What's up with you this first week of 2010?


St. Inuksuk said...

Too bad about your young plants. Here it's barely 20 and we've had single digit nights and early mornings. There are 4 inches of snow on the ground with constant flurries. OH in the winter is a very cold and at times, snowy place.
I think Florida is sounding real good to me right around this time of year!!!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm sorry about your new plants, but your yard sure looks pretty in the snow!

This week I'm cleaning up from Christmas and hoping I will have more paying work this month that will hopefully result in a steady part time gig.

zorra said...

Guess I'll be picking all of our grapefruit tonight.

Reformed Catholic said...

We're being inched to death here in Plodding PA. Temps in the teens, and snow coming down in flurries that add up to about an inch to an inch and a half a day.

Anonymous said...

getting back into a routine will be the lovely activity I enjoy this week... I am such a creature of habit! Oh, and when I get ready to down-size, I would love a tour of Chez QG - I just know you figured out all of the bells and whistles one will still need post-children... I love your back sitting area!

Mary Beth said...

started back to work on Monday. Cold weather. supposed to be 0 wind chill here Thursday. they just got the heat on this noon. yay.