Friday, January 22, 2010

MOB Redux Update: Nouveau Wedding Planning

Today I'm meeting Babs at the printer to pick up the save-the-dates and design the wedding invitations. That got me to thinking about the things that have now become part of wedding planning that we didn't do back in the day when El Jefe and I got married.

Things like:
  • save-the-date cards
  • multiple wedding registries
  • hotel suggestion inserts
  • Bachelorette parties
  • wedding favors
  • wedding home pages on the 'net (of course there was no net then)
  • slideshows of the bride and groom's family pictures
  • wedding themes (example: The Perfect Pair) Babs says the theme of her wedding is wedding. That was also the theme of Portia's wedding. Clearly we are squares.
And maybe I'm missing something. If so, leave it in the comments.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

My theory is that because there are so many more people on the earth, more jobs are needed. That's why there are so many more steps in what used to take half a day.