Friday, January 29, 2010

Kindle or IPad--That is the question

Allright, so I am a self-confessed gadget geek who just LOVES all things Apple. Well, almost all things.

So I've been reading up on the new IPad and watched the video demo of it that is posted on the Apple website. Very very cool.

I'm wondering if I would like it better than my Kindle for reading ebooks. I could see reading newspapers and magazines on an IPad, but haven't been tempted by the Kindle DX because it is all grey-scale.

Here is what I would like to change about the Kindle:
  • a larger screen would be nice so I don't have to push the button to turn the page so frequently
  • sharper resolution would help when photos are included (admittedly a low priority)
  • add a back-lit screen option. I know many say your eyes tire more quickly with that, but I find the Kindle screen a bit dark
  • color would be nice
  • make it easier to highlight or take notes. I know you can do it now, but I can't seem to get the hang of it.
  • A touchscreen keyboard might allow a larger screen without making the device larger. Love the touchscreen on my IPhone.

On the other hand....
  • I probably won't be able to read ebooks from amazon on the IPad
  • You don't get the free wireless internet with the IPad but you do have wireless capability
I did love the graphic bookshelf for the ebooks instead of the list of titles you get on the Kindle.

Fortunately, it's not available yet. I'll probably wait a while and see what others think and how it gets tweaked.

Anyone else tempted?


Elaine said...

The ipad should run the Kindle App for iphone just fine. So, you should be able to read on the ipad just like you can on your iphone. It should still synch with your Kindle so you can have the best of both worlds if you choose.

Norman, Oklahoma

Deb said...

Oh yes!!! I am very tempted!! Especially since I didn't get a Kindle yet (but have been thinking about it obsessively...) I'm very interested but keep telling myself, "graduate, fool! then you can play..."

Quotidian Grace said...

Elaine, you are brilliant! I didn't think of that. I do have the Kindle app for IPhone but don't use it much.

Bad Alice said...

I've read that, despite the cool look, the iPad reader doesn't use e-ink (what Kindle uses), which is supposed to reduce glare so that your eyes won't tire after a few hours of reading. Here's a link about the differences between Kindle and iPad.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I am not tempted because:
~I read the battery life is really bad
~While I don't have a Kindle I also read that it will only support Apple applications. You might have to pay for a different iPad Kindle app.
~I cannot use touch screens. Something odd with me (I magnetize watches and was never able to operate and iPod
Otherwise I love Apple too. This product needs a year or so to work out the bugs.

Elaine said...

I read somewhere a little while ago that Amazon will be releasing an app specifically for the IPad soon.

Averill said...

On your con list -- apparently kindle books CAN be downloaded on the new iPad. Also, subscription for wireless on the iPad will run you about $30/mo.

If you decide to get an iPad, can I get your old Kindle? :) :)

Alan said...

Personally I would opt for neither at this time. If an e-book reader is a given then consider the nook by Barnes and Nobles. Apparently their e-books are cheaper than Amazon's and you can preview them in any BN for free.

My reason for not getting an iPad is because I want my next tablet [I have a slate and convertible both 3+ generations old] for more that reading.

Logos is a must to be able to run iPad doesn't give the memory options. Handwriting is a must for me because, although I can type, I think best when jotting.

Beside with that I can also make notes in the e-book. The last reason is because of what Time Mag wants to do with their properties.

See. this is on an HP tablet computer.


BTW I spelled check my horrendous tpying mistakes... sort of.

Quotidian Grace said...

Too late, Alan! I already have a Kindle and like it except for the changes I noted above.

I use it for mostly recreational reading--things I won't read again and don't want sitting around the house.