Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: My New Job


Now that I am a big girl and all grown up, it's time for me to have a job. You know, to help out around the house and everything.

So I appointed myself the official shepherd of the Pool Dragon. Mom calls it a "pool sweeper", but it sure looks like a dragon to me. It has a long tail that sometimes throws water out onto the patio. What if it got out of the pool? That would be a problem for everyone.

It's my job to keep it in the pool. Here's how I do it: I lie in wait for the Pool Dragon underneath the diving board.

When it comes close to the surface, I look down at it and growl. GRRRR! If it dares to come up and spit water up, then I ran around and bark at it.

I'm a good Dragon Shepherd. It hasn't come out of the pool yet!

I've been trying to teach Olivia to herd the Pool Dragon, but she thinks her own cuteness is sufficient excuse for her existence! Not me, I'm a believer in the dogma of good works.

Any one need a Dragon Shepherd?

Love, Beatrice
Her Mark


Songbird said...

Dear Beatrice,
You are doing a good job!
Some dogs are better at working than others. I guard the house and the people. Molly greets the guests. She calls that Ministry of Hospitality. I call it not working and just waiting for people to say she is pretty.
You are a good dog!
Your friend,

Jan said...

Yay for Beatrice!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

WOW! What an important and dangerous job!!

Anonymous said...

'...dogma of good works...'??? What a hoot! Bravo to Beatrice 'The Lion Heart'!!


Christine said...

So does that mean Beatrice is an Arminian?

zorra said...

Beatrice, you're doing a great job! If you have time, please come over and help me herd the Floor Monster. I don't like the way it roars!


Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice,

You're doing a good job! Herding is hard work. I should know, because I'm a herding dog, even though I spend most of my days curled up on a poofy fleece bed and only bark at cows when we drive by them. You also get extra points for difficulty since there is the danger that you might be sprayed by the water. I would hate that! You're very brave. If you want to learn some new herding techniques, come see us in Wyoming.

And my female human says that she would love to come hang-out at your pool.

Newman the Catahoula

Gannet Girl said...

Beatrice, I would like a pool. If I order one to be installed, will you come as part of the package? In the winter we could fill it up again and we could play broom hockey.

Your friend,

St. Casserole said...

Beatrice, You are a great dog! Thank you for protecting our QG from the Pool Dragon! So brave! So barky! So Wonderful!

Our pool dragon snorts. Sister the Dog stays away when the dragon is moving.

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

Yes. We need you - we dont' have a pool but I'm sure there's a dragon around here somewhere :)

woof woof from Mindy and Misty your overseas pals in Finland xx