Thursday, August 14, 2008

Osteen Verdict

I know you've been waiting with baited breath for the result of the Osteen trial that began last week.

Here it is: the jury unanimously found that Victoria Osteen did not assault the flight attendant.

Here's what went down in the trial:
  • one of the plaintiff's co-workers testified that there was an assault (legalese for unwanted touching)
  • one of the plaintiff's witnesses, who had previously said there was an assault, changed her testimony under oath and said Victoria Osteen never touched her
  • a witness for the defense, a fellow employee of the plaintiff, recounted an incident in which the plaintiff had wrongfully accused her of assault
  • the plaintiff's attorney played the race card and the class card
  • the plaintiff seems to have dropped her claim that the incident caused her hemorrhoids to flare up
  • the plaintiff wanted the jury to award her over $400K for "loss of faith"
  • the foreman of the jury said that the jury thought the lawsuit should never have been brought
  • one of the jurors said that if they could have awarded court costs and attorneys fees to the Osteens, they would have
  • Osteen's response to the verdict was "Thank you, Jesus"
Of course outside of the controlled court environment there was wailing and gnashing of teeth for the benefit of the media--especially on behalf of the plaintiff. The defense attorney was relatively restrained calling the case "extortion dressed up as a lawsuit."

And really, it was a ridiculous waste of time and the resources of the court. If I were Mom of the Court, they would all have been so grounded.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Sad. Just sad. All around.

At least her hemorrhoids got better.

Anonymous said...

which is why you should be mom of all imho!!

Stushie said...

With all of his money, why doesn't Joel buy his wife a private jet for Christmas?

cheesehead said...

Okay, so Victoria (and her secrets) are not guilty. Get that.

But if that is a photo from court, does he have to have such a smirk on his face?

Anonymous said...


If you took the time to observe before you speak you would realize that is no "smirk" but rather a normal look for his mouth.

I hope you do not reap the criticism and ugly spirit you sow.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what really happened on that plane? God does and ultimately His justice will prevail; however, I have to agree with Stushie, buy Victoria a private jet or have her carry in her purse some wipies!