Monday, August 04, 2008

Edouard's On The Way

Signs that Tropical Storm Edouard is heading for Houston:
  • Portia's office closed this afternoon and will be closed tomorrow
  • Babs' clinic will be closed tomorrow
  • El Jefe's law firm is considering being closed tomorrow (neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night etc!)
  • Sugar Land canceled trash pickup for tomorrow
  • M.D. Anderson (the cancer center) re-scheduled my SIL's MIL's chemo from tomorrow to next Tuesday
  • Local TV went into All Edouard All The Time mode about 3 pm
  • Digital Highway signs are flashing: Hurricane Forming In the Gulf! Fill up your gas tanks!
Favorite TV Weatherperson quote so far :
"It could be not so bad, or maybe not."

Things I am grateful for:
  • It is not a hurricane
  • We're on the "good side" of it
  • St. Betty stocked up on white wine
  • I've got plenty of tequila and margarita mix
  • Babs came to stay with us until it is all over
  • I still have lots of water left from last year's hurricane season
  • There will be no mass exodus from the Houston area this time
  • Our power lines are buried in the ground


Becky Ardell Downs said...

Oh, can I contribute a great tv quote? Lyda Anne, mayor of Galveston, says, "well, when they get on the roads and they're flooded so they can't get through, then they'll figure out it's time to leave . . . I mean, they should have left. . ." Love Mayor Lyda, but oh, sweetie . . .

Presbyterian Gal said...

That power lines in the ground is a blessing for sure!

And that it's not a hurricane....phew.

When we were in Iniki back in '92 the hotel told us the night before that the hurricane would miss Kauai by 400 miles. It changed direction in the middle of the night and hit the island straight on by noon the next day.

Here's hoping Edouard gets a hankering for open sea in the next few hours.

Jan said...

Take care. At least, Edouard will not be really big. Hope all goes well.

I was in Houston this past weekend and wondered where you live. We visited my son who lives in Jersey Village.

zorra said...

Got water.
Got gasoline.
Got batteries.
Got food.

The office is closed tomorrow. I think I'll just sleep in!

Singing Owl said...

Y'all take care now, hear? Really.

St. Casserole said...

Rats! Double Rats!

Praying for all in the path!

Glad St.Betty is prepared. Glad Beatrice doesn't need arm floaties!

Hope El Jefe stays home. I have one of those here, too.

Gannet Girl said...

Take care and stay safe.