Monday, August 25, 2008

Presbytery Meeting: Three Down, One to Go

Saturday was the third stated presbytery meeting of the year. We met at Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church in Katy, Texas. Just a few short years ago, Grand Lakes was a New Church Development. What a joy it was to see that this NCD has developed into a church with a lovely sanctuary and building large enough to host a presbytery meeting! When I was a young girl, I remember driving through the then small railroad crossing of Katy. Now it is a booming suburban area of Houston.

This year we have chosen themes for each presbytery meeting. Saturday's theme was "The Diversity of the Presbytery". The highlight of the meeting was the keynote address by Rev. Jin Kim, senior pastor of The Church of All Nations, Minneapolis MN. Rev. Kim's address at General Assembly created quite a stir as he afflicted the comfortable with his prophetic message about multicultural church. He did the same thing in our meeting. I found myself nodding in agreement some of the time and squirming uncomfortably in my seat over other points he made. Rev. Kim left us with a lot to think about!

There was a sermon for ordination given by a young woman who will be going as a missionary to a church in Northern Ireland and a candidacy service for another young woman who was a member of an NCD that serves second generation Asians. It's always a privilege to participate in the ordination process.

The meeting concluded about an hour ahead of schedule! Unless (God forbid!) there is another called meeting scheduled this year, I have only one more presbytery meeting to preside over--in November.

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Gannet Girl said...

What an amazing year you are having!