Friday, August 22, 2008

Listen to The Weasel Cantata and More!

For those of you who took my advice and are reading some of Mark Schweizer's Liturgical Mystery books (The Alto Wore Tweed, The Baritone Wore Chiffon, etc) , listen up!

Go here and you can listen to recordings of music from the books as:

The Mouldy Cheese Madrigal

The Weasel Cantata

The Pirate Gloria

You can also download the music!! How fun would these be to sing in choir? I would love to sing The Weasel Cantata in a Bible in 90 Days class.

Just click on the title of each book and when that page comes up you'll see the links to the recordings and the download on the left sidebar.

Just remember..."You cannot eat weasel, though it may taste fine! Leviticus eleven, verse twenty-nine."


Preacher Mom said...

Oh my goodness! This stuff is slapstick funny! I must check out the books now!

zorra said...

Too funny! I think I will have to suggest these to our friend Fergus Carrick, for his Bible survey Sunday school class.

Anonymous said...

these are great - i never thought to look for a recording!!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I must listen to these songs! Can't now cause sleepy folks would wake up. This will be good to fold laundry to!!