Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 Most Annoying Presby-Phrases Revealed

The nominations are in and the votes have been counted. Many thanks to all of the QG readers who joined in the effort with your comments and encouragement!

The judges (Me, Myself and I) have made their decision. The envelope, please.

And the winners are...

Ten Most Annoying Presby-Phrases

1. Intentional
2. Live into
3. Fellowship, the verb
4. If the way be clear
5. A new thing
6. Unpack
7. Jesus, we just
8. Gift, the verb
9. I feel that the Jesus I know would...
10. Missional

Honorable Mention:
These are phrases that are very annoying indeed, and need recognition, but require some explanation (or exegisis, if you will....)

1. Decently and in Order (when used to justify creating yet ANOTHER committee)

2. Bubble up Ministry (when used to justify replacing paid staff with volunteers)

3. This is an issue over which reasonable people can disagree (when used to trivialize debate)

4. In the spirit of Christian love (as much a harbinger of a judgmental remark as ‘bless her heart’)

5.“Post” the adjective meaning “so yesterday” as in post-denominational, post-connectional etc.

6. Resonate (people are not tuning forks)

And the prize for Most Creative Use in a Sentence of Annoying Presby-Phrases goes to Presbyterian Gal for this entry:
I find profound challenges daily as I live into these post-menopausal years where I often miss the connectional relationships previously enjoyed on social and familial levels where the daily missional projects and goals could be met if only the way be clear and I am not constantly distracted by hearing "Jesus we just pray she doesn't throw another spoon at our heads!!"
Sentiments shared by many PresbyGals of a certain age....

And last but not least: QG's Special Award Defying Categorization goes to Rev. Dave for this tongue-twisting, eye-crossing acronym stew:
The COM suggested that the AC, with the concurrence of the the PJC, the APNC, the PPRC, the CPM, the SPJC, the PC, the GA, the GAPJC, GAMC, the OGA, the PILP, the PPC, the FDN,the BOP, the PHS, WJKP, the NNPCW, PHEWA, the COTE, CORLE, the CAM, the PAM, the PCAN, the PDA, the POAMN, and one lone CLP, be set at 70 degrees to conserve energy.


Presbyterian Gal said...

That was FUN! Thanks QG. And I love the prize winning list. And Rev. Dave's stew.

cheesehead said...

Yeah...I'm guilty of saying a lot of those top ten. But not #9. That one's just icky.

Ruby said...

You made me laugh out loud at my desk. Was that intentional?

Shawn said...

Not sure how Missional is #10? At GA this year Missional was the free space in the Polity Bingo game.

And I realize this was meant to be amusing, but I think there is something telling in the fact that Intentional is #1. Looking around at how many churches keep just doing what they've always been doing, it is obvious that we don't like the word Intentional. :)

Quotidian Grace said...


I just report 'em, I don't interpret 'em. You may have a point!

Sue said...

QG - these made me laugh. The UCCan is guilty of all ten.

I didn't understand the actual meaning of "bless her heart" until I met some Southern friends at my first Festival of Homies. Now no one up here knows why I giggle whenever I hear it.

Both Presbyterian Gal and Rev Dave's awards are well-deserved!

Lorraine said...

Lol... I would only disagree on one point. "unpack" -- as a Presbyterian at a Methodist seminary let me tell you that the Methodists use this all the time, just as much as perhaps the Presbys do. Especially in my year-long systematic theology class. oh my... we used to take bets with each other about how many times the professor would use "unpack" -- we'd keep track and the winner would get a prize at the end of class. :)

Bad Alice said...

Yes! I hear so many of these everyday. Also, for some reason, around here they've decided that "bless" doesn't need an object: "God has blessed with a great beginning." Ugh. I would add "God is Sovereign" to this, when used to dismiss doubts, contradictions, injustice, job loss, death, and so forth. But then, I'm not really a Presbyterian.

Christine said...

My objection to the current churchy use of "intentional" is purely grammatical: in proper English it's an adjective that modifies actions rather than agents (an act is intentional, not a person). I'm all for churches trying new things.

Renaissance_Man said...

Lorraine...many denominations use unpack, the presbys are also bad about using "flesh out" synonomously with unpack