Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving To-Do List, Checkin' It Twice

This afternoon we're off to the bay house to celebrate Thanksgiving with 17 to 20 people ( no one knows for sure) and 5 dogs.

So I'm making a list to be sure I get everything in the car I am responsible for contributing:

-meat, salad, bread for dinner tonight
-Olivia's allergy-free salmon/sweet potato chow (that's why she's called Shrimp Breath)
-ingredients for killer sweet potato casserole for T'Day
-wine and coffee and milk
-dog beds, leashes and harnesses
-books to read
-better attitude (see below)

I'm looking for a better attitude to take along because in the midst of all this I have to get a set of keys to Portia's place to Babs so she can get Portia's mail. Portia should have taken care of this before she left for her in-laws, IMHO. This means getting the keys made and then a round-trip drive into Houston that I didn't need. But packages are getting stolen from behind her gate so we need to check on it.

Praying for help to set aside the petty irritations and enjoy the big picture,


Songbird said...

You have my prayers, and wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

Mac said...

We never stop being Mom and Dad. I cannot remember who siad it or where I heard it, but "you are not fully an adult until your last parent dies. Until then, you are still somebody's kid."

I'm thankful that we have 'em; the alternative is too grim to consider. (And I know from all you have written that you feel the same way--except in those tiny moments of frustration we all get as parents. 8>))

Heva a happy thanksgiving.

zorra said...

*grrr, sigh*
Well anyway, have a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Deep cleansing

...and as you drive there and back, giggling in the knowledge that there is payback time when in the distant future Portia will have to take care, really good care of you and El Jefe when you're 109.