Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Chance to Enter The Contest

This evening the judges of your nominations for the 10 Most Annoying Presby-Phrases will review the entries and make their selection. (The judges are Me, Myself and I.) We have some great entries on the posts below and in the comments, so cast your votes or make your additional suggestions now!

A special virtual prize for the most creative use of Annoying Presby-Phrases In One Sentence will also be made, so put on your thinking caps and submit your entries in the comments below.


Rev Dave said...

In Seminary, we wrote an acronym song to the tune of "Simple Gifts," trying to include as many acronymns as possible in each line, and, being ecumenical, included a verse for our Methodist brethren and sistren as well. But alas, most of it has been driven out of my brain by Greek constructions, so I'll just try to write the most acronym laden sentence I can come up with.

The COM suggested that the AC, with the concurrence of the the PJC, the APNC, the PPRC, the CPM, the SPJC, the PC, the GA, the GAPJC, GAMC, the OGA, the PILP, the PPC, the FDN,the BOP, the PHS, WJKP, the NNPCW, PHEWA, the COTE, CORLE, the CAM, the PAM, the PCAN, the PDA, the POAMN, and one lone CLP, be set at 70 degrees to conserve energy.

Clay Allard said...

Anything that "resonates" makes me ill. Human beings are not tuning forks.

Clay Allard

Rev Dave said...

Oh, and the word "impact" instead of "effect"--as in "we're going to make an impact for God in the neighborhood.

As one person once commented: "Why are we always so excited about going out and putting dents in things, which is what an impact does?"

Presbyterian Gal said...

I already did my Mike Kruse list of words sentence. I would now like to attempt my rendition with QG's nominations.

*deep breath* *crack knuckles*

I find profound challenges daily as I live into these post-menopausal years where I often miss the connectional relationships previously enjoyed on social and familial levels where the daily missional projects and goals could be met if only the way be clear and I am not constantly distracted by hearing "Jesus we just pray she doesn't throw another spoon at our heads!!"

And Rev. Dave: there is a use of the word "impacted" that means something is "stuck" rather than dented. But I don't think I should describe it further in polite comp'ny.

Reformed Catholic said...

I feel that the Jesus I know would want us to realize that in this post-denominational, missional world, the way we Presbyterians show our connectionalism with the tall-steeple and emergent congregations echo the way NCDs connect with their new inquirers; that is, decently and in order!

... whew ... my grammar teacher would have fits.

cheesehead said...

Tee hee..giggling at PG's last paragraph...tee hee...

Quotidian Grace said...


So sorry I missed your entry which came in after my bedtime. It was great!