Tuesday, November 11, 2008

IKE Redux and Presby-Phrases Contest

Yesterday our lovely weather changed to warmish and rainy--but not stormy. During the day, however, the power went out briefly five or six times so I called to report it thinking it might indicate a real problem.

Did it ever! About 30 minutes afterwards I was treated to a major light show and then darkness for a couple of hours. Then the lights came back on for another hour and then went out for good until about 5 am. So now I'm off to a very slow start this morning!

As Yogi Barra would say, "deja view all over again."

If you haven't added your vote for most annoying Presby-Phrase in the post below, please join in! In addition to the great suggestions several commenters cleverly used their nominations in a sentence. So there will have to be a virtual prize for the best effort in that category of Most Annoying PresbySentence.

If the way be clear, be intentional. Live into the contest by unpacking your opinions. Show your connectionalism. Jesus we just ask that in the fullness of time a new thing will appear.

~ducks and runs~


Choralgirl said...

Here's mine: Why, oh, WHY must "gift" be a verb? We already have a perfectly good one in "give."


Reformed Catholic said...

My favorite is:

"Decently and In Order", when used as a reason we need to have another committee to review what one committee has already reported on !!

One that I found I learned to despise from the recent GA (a paraphrase of a few speakers remark intros) :

"I feel that the Jesus I know would (or would not) .... "

Presbyterian Gal said...

You are so baaaaaad!!!

hee hee.