Monday, November 17, 2008

QG's Swan Song as Mod

Saturday's presbytery meeting marked my last time to preside as Moderator. I took the opportunity to Honorably Retire the old Moderator's stole, which displayed the Year of the Child logo. The Year of the Child morphed into the Decade of the Child. But the decade elapsed in 2000 and yet the stole kept being passed down.

My suggestion that it was time for a change was received with enthusiasm, so my gift to the presbytery is pictured here. Dear Friend Dorothy embroidered the badges on it for me which represent the logo of the presbytery and then the legend "Moderator Presbytery of New Covenant." Our inimitable Stated Clerk took H.R. Stole home with her to get dry-cleaned before displaying it at the presbytery offices.

The meeting theme was "the vitality of the presbytery." There were no controversial issues on the agenda since the proposed BOO amendments will be voted on at the February meeting.

We did hear a comprehensive report on the presbytery's IKE recovery efforts. The election and the economic crisis have pushed IKE off the front pages of the national news and there has been very little support outside our area for the recovery effort. Other denominations are reporting the same thing. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is preparing to open two worksite camps in the area soon as they open their long-term rebuilding program.

Many thanks to the thoughtful saints at First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena who did a superb job hosting the meeting. I was fighting a new cold and was delighted to see the lectern thoughtfully stocked with water bottles! That really helped to keep me from having a very unattractive and distracting coughing fit in the midst of the meeting.

Although we installed our next Moderator (Rev. Wayne Eberly, good luck and Godspeed!) , my term continues until the end of this year. I have a couple more meetings and at least one more ordination to go. Then I'll return to my local church (Memorial Drive, Houston), from whence I came.


Gannet Girl said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that almost the entire year has flown by. Excellent work, QG!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm with GG. Has it been a year already?? What a blessing you were for them this year.

Word verification is "truper". Combo of Super and Trouper!

Songbird said...

Gosh, I'm feeling the same way, what a fast year!
Love the stole, it's great.

Becky Ardell Downs said...

You did a superb job, QG. Love the stole, too. Thank you for your thoughtful leadership over the past year.

Rev Kim said...

What a beautiful stole!
Wow, that year went fast. I hope you found it to be a good experience.