Thursday, November 20, 2008

Football Creep

Anybody else noticing the football creep?

It used to be that college and pro football games were played on Saturdays and Sundays and, okay, on Monday night. But the last couple of weeks Faithful Football Fan El Jefe has managed to find a pro or college game every night of the week.

Last night, by the early hour of 6:30 CST, he was glued to a contest between Ball State and Central Michigan. Just riveting.

When do these "students" get to study if they are playing games out of town in the middle of the week? Quo Warranto? Why is the NCAA permitting this? Is it all for the revenues from TV coverage?

~shakes head sadly~

Here's what I believe: College football should be played on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday. And that's all.

Is it not written in the Book of Billy Bob, Chapter 2:4,6,8: " Thou shalt not play with the pigskin except on the weekend"?


Kyle said...

But the whole reason why we don't have a college football playoff system is because it would "cut into the student/athlete's class time" -NCAA reasoning. They don't seem to have issue with the tuesday-friday games that might cut into the class time. Although there sure is alot of available TV time that colleges can get paid for those tuesday to friday games. I wonder which is more important?

Stushie said...

We now have football teams with colleges and not the other way around....

BTW, should churches just worship on Sundays to experience the little Easter? We've got some local emergent churches putting on Thurs/Fri services so people can get away for the weekend...scary.