Thursday, November 06, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: From the Dog House

Woof! Beatrice here, blogging from the doghouse.

It all started with a ball. Just a little ball that I love to play fetch with until I found it more fun to hide it under El Jefe's recliner and then try to get it out. All by myself!

Well, okay, so I couldn't quite reach under there, so I had to chew on the chair some to try to get it out. And so the leather sort of came off in chunks once I got down to the chair's frame. My plan was to chew the frame off and then--voila!--retrieve my ball. Ingenious.

But QG was--ahem--NOT AMUSED. She took away my ball for the rest of the day and won't let me bring it back in the house. She taped up the chair and sprayed it will something nasty, too. Words were said. Faces were scowly.

The doghouse isn't much fun. I want my ball. I bet I can chew off that tape and get it....


Mary Beth said...

OH, poor Beatrice. It's not your fault that chair was in the way!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Beatrice, you can now title your memoir "Betrayed by Teeth, a puppy's tale of temptation lost"

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Brilliant Plan! I bet if you had just a tiny bit more time it would have worked!

That nasty spray stuff is at my house too. It is sprayed on a bald spot in the carpet. I heard that, if you chew enough carpet off you can eventually get to CHINA!


Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice,

We must be kindred spirits! There is also a chair in my house with a chewed frame, and the fabric on the back stapled on where I chewed it off. I did that three years ago and I still hear them talk about it sometimes! Hope you get out of the doghouse soon.

Love, Daisy the Boxer (posted by my "sister" Kim, who is visiting me in California while my mom is in the hospital)

Purechristianithink said...

I know, I know. Humnas are so irrational. Last night PCIT put some sausages on the counter which were OBVIOUSLY for me, right? But when I jumped on the counter and grabbed one she hollered at me and made me go outside. I just don't get her . . .

Elizabeth the Cat

Rev Kim said...

There's also a corner of one of the stairs that has some frayed carpeting where I was bored one day and decided to find out what was underneath the carpet. And they just took an emory board out of my mouth. Heh. I guess at 3, I'm not so grown-up after all.

word verification: lifer. I hope you aren't a "lifer" in teh doghouse!

Love, Daisy the Boxer

Songbird said...

Dear Beatrice,
Please tell your mom, at least you didn't bite a reporter!!
Your friend,